One of only 13 presidential libraries in the nation, the William J. Clinton Presidential Center & Park is one of Arkansas’ top tourist attractions. At nearly four times the length of a football field, the building houses the largest archives of all the presidential libraries, containing 2 million photographs, 80 million pages of documents, 21 million e-mail messages and 79,000 artifacts from the Clinton presidency.

Visitors enjoy the exact replicas of the Oval Office and Cabinet Room, as well as a retired presidential limousine. You’ll definitely notice the design: the “green” building cantilevers over the Arkansas River, symbolic of Clinton’s campaign promise of “building a bridge to the 21st century.” The adjacent University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service hosts a lecture series open to the public. Notable past guests include Madeline Albright, T. Boone Pickens and Dr. Phil McGraw.

Joe Nathan Sanders
Holiday Inn Presidential