Vince Palermo

Arkansas takes its cheese dip very seriously. In fact, cheese dip — not to be confused with queso — happens to have its roots in Arkansas foodie history.

Little Rock lawyer and filmmaker Nick Rogers discovered that Mexico Chiquito (formerly Little Mexico) first debuted their cheese dip in 1935 at their Hot Springs location, and it’s catapulted into popularity since. We’ve rounded up some of the city’s gloriously gooey dips for you to try.

Mexico Chiquito - “The OG”

Vince Palermo

This is where it all began. Mexico Chiquito is a must if you want to truly experience the wonders of cheese dip.

The Fold: Botanas & Bar - “Plays Well with Margs”

Vince Palermo

Savor this thick and creamy white cheese dip on The Fold's patio while enjoying an afternoon margarita.

Dizzy’s - “The Everything Dip”

Vince Palermo

Dizzy’s cheese dip was the first winner of the World Cheese Dip Championship held in Little Rock.

Santo Coyote - “Carne con Queso”

Vince Palermo

Santo Coyote's white cheese dip is a light but flavorful appetizer topped with ground beef and a bit of pico garnish.

Heights Taco & Tamale Co. - “The World Champ”

This is the very dip that secured an Arkansas win in the 2016 U.S. Senate cheese dip vs. queso face-off.